Advanced tracking

Traffic filtering

What is traffic filtering?

It’s blocking or redirecting your traffic additionally based on some criteria (geo, ISP, OS, etc.). This feature is useful for those who work with more complex funnels where you may have different landing pages for different geo or different offers for mobile and desktop visitors.

RedTrack allows you to create custom filters that can be added either as pre-set templates or directly on a campaign level.
Right now, the following filter categories are supported:

  • Countries
  • Regions
  • Cities
  • ISP
  • OS
  • OS version
  • Browser
  • Browser version
  • Device type
  • Device brand
  • Device model
  • Connection types
  • Proxy types
  • IP
  • Subs
  • Referrer
  • Referrer domain
  • Languages

In RedTrack we have one of the best end expensive proxy bases which separates us from other similar services.
Having a possibility to sort the traffic by these criteria is very important for our clients as some offers may not be paid by the reason of so-called proxy-users as in many cases it is related to fraud. In order not to lose its reputation, it is sometimes better to filter the traffic this way.

Preset filter templates

Can be accessed and managed from the Tools>Filter presets section.

There are two ways of creating a filter: you may choose a parameter from the list

Or type it in manually

Value name containing syntax errors may lead to your filter not working as intended.

Set filters on a campaign level

Upon creating a Campaign, navigate the Filters section.
You will have the ability to either use one of your pre-set filters

Or add a new filter for that particular Campaign

The traffic is filtered on RedTrack level only. Non-matching traffic will be sent to the ‘disabled’ page or to the fallback URL (it is available).

Filters can be either including or excluding from the funnel based on your preferences.

Include” filters mean that the page will be available for a certain group of people only. All the conditions should be met for the click to be sent to this funnel. For example, if you apply the following filters:

Filter by countries -> Include -> Germany
Filter by OS -> Include -> Windows

Your funnel will be shown only for people from Germany with Windows OS, non-matching clicks will be redirected to another funnel or to the default fallback-URL (make sure you set it up). With including filters all conditions should be met!

Exclude” filters mean that your offer will be shown for everyone except those values in the filters.
For example, if you add Exclude filter for Germany, it means clicks from Germany will be redirected another funnel in this campaign (if it is available) or to the default fallback-URL. With excluding filters only one of the conditions can be met for the filter to be triggered.

Filters for sub-values

Those filters work the same way. The main thing is that the sub value you want to put inside the filter should be the same you have received from your source of traffic with the click.
If several values under the same sub are to be used, simply put them in the same field separated by a comma:

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