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Tracking different event types

What is an event?

It’s any conversion (desired action) type with any name you need to track (besides a standard conversion or transaction) – signup, deposit, registration, sale, upsell, install, lead, purchase, etc.
There can be various events in your funnels and you can track all of them with RedTrack.

In RedTrack all your additional events can be tracked with the help of the following options:
Conversion types


For the cases where your offer source (affiliate network, advertiser) supports several postback options and 4 is enough for you, you can use the statuses. In RedTrack we have 4: Other, Approved, Pending, Declined. All of them are available as separate columns with separate statistics.

1. For the preset offer sources, simply add any of the target statuses to the end of your postback template and put it to your offer source (affiliate network, advertiser) account under the target postback field:


Here is how it may look on your partner side:

If we do not receive any status data in a postback, by default,  we record all conversions with the “other” status. This can be changed in offer source settings:

Important note: statuses are probably the easiest way to start tracking different events as it’s ready to use (you only put the postback to your affiliate network) but it does not work for the traffic sources with the API integrations (Facebook, Google, Bing). Use conversion types instead.

Conversion types

For the cases where you need to track even more conversion events, we have 11 customizable types. These types are set in your account: Tools  ->   Conversion tracking -> Conversion type where you can set any name you want.

To track them, add &type=Conversion_Type to your main postback URL.

For example:{aff_sub}&type=Deposit
It’s important to use exactly the same word you have set in your conversion type settings. So if it is “Deposit”, “deposit” will not work, use exactly “Deposit” with the capital letter.

Each type has a separate duplicate postback mode:

In the case of several conversions created by the same click id, it is possible to decide what action will be performed to that duplicated conversion. RedTrack suggests the following options:

  • Create a new conversion: duplicate postback data will be added as a separate conversion
  • Ignore duplicate Postback: no data will be added to the tracking report
  • Edit conversion with new data: the original conversion will be edited with new data.
  • Keep original data, increment payout: only conversion payout will be edited (for example, tracking subsequent sales for the same conversion)

The conversion information will be grouped by separate columns in your  statistics:

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