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TikTok is a platform where you can unleash your brand’s creative side. A fully immersive no judgment world where there’s an audience for every voice. The world’s leading destination for short-form video entertainment.

1. Add Tiktok as a Traffic Source in RedTrack

Go to Sources -> New -> find TikTok -> Add and Save it.

It’s important to save first to show the system it is ready for the API integration.

2. Integrate your TikTok account with RedTrack.

2.1 Click on “Connect” and accept integration permissions

2.2 Once accepted, you are automatically redirected back to your account to add your TikTok integration data:

TikTok pixel: Assets->Event->Website Pixel

Access Token: Your generated access token from the “Settings” section in your TikTok Pixel

2.3 Set the mapping for your conversion events for RedTrack to send your conversion information to TikTok.

RedTrack conversion types on the left are added separately. Those conversion types are used for all your sources of traffic.

Mapping for TikTok is set here on the right. Choose the events from the list to match your RedTrack custom conversion events.

We send the following information to TikTok: conversion type, currency, sum, IP, UA, conversion date.

2.4 Save the changes.

3. Create a campaign in RedTrack with TikTok as a traffic source.

Use no-redirect tracking with a universal tracking script and a custom tracking domain for TikTok.

4. Enable Auto-update costs toggle to receive costs automatically:

5. Launch a new TikTok campaign.

Go to campaigns -> Add new -> choose the advertising objective

Proceed further with the Ad Group and campaign creation step by step. Once you set it up, it will become live.

URL: your LP URL (the one you have added to RedTrack, with a no redirect script placed inside the page code) + the tracking parameters from your campaing “tracking options” section -> universal script

For example: URL?cmpid=5f92a30bc860ee0001f&sub1=__CAMPAIGN_NAME__&sub2=__CAMPAIGN_ID__

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