Dynamic parameters

Supported dynamic parameters

Dynamic parameters life-cycle in RedTrack

Affiliate Networks integration

Parameter Description
{clickid} Your Click ID Macro
{sum} Offer Payout


Traffic Sources integration

Parameter Description
{ref_id} RefID Macro (for receiving  clicks from your source of traffic)
{imp_id} ImpID Macro
{impcost} Impression cost
{cost} Click cost
{offer_payout} Offer Payout Macro


Common parameters

These are the parameters you can use for your own purpose for a Traffic Source, Affiliate Network or a Lander the way you need it:

Parameter Description
{os} OS Macro
{browser} Browser Macro
{sourceid} TrafficSource ID
{brand} Device Macro
{country} Country Macro
{city} City Macro
{lpkeyua} LP Key Macro
{campaignid} CampaignID Macro
{isp} ISP Macro
{region} Region
{ip} IP address
{useragent} user agent
{brand} device brand
{model} device model
{prelanderid} Prelander ID
{prelandername} Prelander name
{landerid} Lander ID
{landername} Lander name
{offerid} offer ID
{offername} offer name
{browserversion} browser version
{osversion} OS version
{countryname} full Country name
{connectiontype} connection type
{referrerdomain} referrer domain
{clicktime} click time
{campaignname} campaign name
{trafficsourcename} traffic source name
{postbackid} conversion ID


Traffic Source -> RedTrack -> Affiliate Network


Affiliate Network -> RedTrack -> Traffic Source 



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