Funnel templates

What is a funnel template?

For example, you are using complex flows which include several landing pages/offers/filters/complex weights and you need to use one of these combinations withing several campaigns with different traffic sources. You don’t want to spend more time on creating the same funnels each time (especially if there are hundreds of campaigns).
Funnel template is a solution for you in that case: you will need to create it once and then only choose the correct template for as many campaigns as you need.

1. Go to Campaigns -> Funnel templates -> New -> set the title, type, filters, landing page/s and the offers, set the weight -> Save the changes.

2. Add the template to your campaign:

Once it’s added, you can see the template information available in the funnel description:

3. If necessary, you can convert your template back to a regular-funnel To do that, press the “convert” button:

You can make any changes to your funnels when needed. The changes will be replicated within the campaigns where this template is already in use.

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