Funnel optimization: auto optimize conversions

What is a conversion auto optimisation?

With the help of RedTrack, you can set the rule for auto optimizing your funnel based on the received conversions. When this option is switched on, you can make RedTrack set the higher weight for a better-converting offer. “Auto optimize conversions” feature is available starting from Pro subscription.

To enable this feature in your account, go to your campaign settings -> funnels -> switch the toggle on, set the number of conversions and the conditions:

Goal – what to check
Path – based on what values the goal will be checked
% of traffic sent to the best path – how much traffic is to be sent to that path

We will be choosing the best path to lead you to the best result. There can be various options still (depending on what you choose, the number of paths can be thousands).

You can set the frequency of reviewing the paths (for example, every ten conversions) and the data’s depth to teach the system working with your data (for example, 100 conversions).

Auto-optimization will start working only after there is enough data based on the rules set.

The teaching can be restarted anytime.

The system will start to grab the data for the correct optimization from the beginning.

You can also set the % of the traffic that goes through the auto-optimization and optimize even by sub ids you receive from your traffic source.

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