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RTX Platform

RTX Platform is the leading exchange for performance marketers. Boost your ROI with captivating Push, Native, and Full Page advertising. Supercharge your ROI and grow your audience with captivating ad units, fully customizable campaigns, and traffic that converts at a massive scale for any offer. Earn more than ever from your digital properties by leveraging RTX Platform’s industry-leading monetization solutions for website owners and software developers.

1. Add RTX Platform to RedTrack.

Go to the Traffic Sources tab -> New  -> find RTX Platform in the list ->  Add:

RTX Platform postback URL and all the available macros will be automatically added to the source.

Pay attention to the REPLACE parameters – since they are unique for each RTX Platform Campaign, you will need to add them manually or copy from your Campaign information in RTX Platform.

2. Create a campaign in RedTrack.

Once you have everything ready, you can proceed with the campaign creation. After you save the campaign, a click URL (your tracking link) will be automatically generated

3. Set the tracking on the RTX Platform side.

Log into your RTX Platform account. For a Pops or Push campaign on RTX Platform, you will have the “Pixels & Tracking” section at the bottom of the Campaign Settings page.

If you already have a pixel created for the conversion event type this campaign (i.e., Form Submit, Lead, Purchase, Pageview, etc.), you can select it from the drop-down menu next to “Pixel Assignment”.

If you see it with a green checkmark, the pixel has already fired a conversion to RTX Platform before.

If it is yellow, the pixel has never fired a conversion before.

If you do not have a pixel yet, you will need to create one with the following steps:

Select the Create New Pixel in a “Pixel Assignment” drop-down  menu

Give your Pixel a name and choose the action type you want to track (Form Submit, Lead, Purchase, Sign-Up, Pageview, or Other)

Choose the “Server to Server” option for a pixel type

Copy the pixel link.

In our case the link looks as follows:<click_id>

To make it work with RedTrack, replace the last token with {ref_id}, so the final URL looks like this:{ref_id}

NOTE: RTX Platform provides separate Postback links for each Campaign, so you will need to copy a unique URL for each new Campaign you create in RTX Platform following this instruction.

4. Add the postback URL to your RedTrack campaign postback settings.

5. Launch a campaign at RTX Platform.

Upon saving a Campaign in RedTrack, a Click URL will be automatically generated.  This URL includes all the tracking parameters supported by the RTX Platform. Take the Campaign Click URL generated on step 2 and add it to your RTX Platform account.

You will be able to insert the Click URL during the “Create your Creative” step:

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