Dashboard and reports


What are reports in RedTrack?

It’s a rich and functional tool that allows you to analyse your data deep and based on different slices.


The overview tab provides basic information on campaign performance: clicks, conversions, cost, revenue, profit etc.

After you open an extended report, you will see the overview for a specific campaign/offer/traffic source with more details about a campaign.

All your data can be grouped into a deep report by any 3 data slices:

Starting from Pro subscription there are 5 data slices available

Click the “Columns” button, if you want to show/hide some tracking values.

Here you also have report templates: like that, you can set 3 most frequently used columns grouping and have immediate access to those templates:

To choose a template view, simply select the one you need and press “apply”.

Filter the data on a sub id value: like that you will get only the information on this value of the sub-parameter received from the traffic source.

This can be useful if you need to track the performance of some particular ad id or adset id.

Export the grouped data to a .csv file:

Check the charts for your reports to make it more visual. Once you enable “Show charts for campaigns report” – it will be displayed in your report:

Campaign report

It’s a general campaign report. The data is grouped by campaigns – all clicks, CTR, revenue, offers, etc. is grouped for one particular campaign. You can “play” with grouping to have a better and deeper understanding of what is happening with your traffic and what combinations convert better.

Withing campaign reports you can create a template – this will help you to get access to the most frequently used groupings faster.

Select template management-> set the title -> choose your grouping options -> save report as a template.

After you save it, it will become available in the list of templates.

Offer report

It’s the same as all other reports but the data is grouped by offers.
If one offer is used in different campaigns with different traffic sources, all clicks will be available in this report so you can analyze all your offer traffic at one place.

Conversion report

Is available from the offers tab.

Data is grouped by your conversion types in the first place.

Traffic source report

It’s the same as all other reports but the data is grouped by your traffic sources.
If the same traffic source is used in different campaigns, you can check its performance in once place.

Fraud report

This report is provided by our partner Fraudscore. If you have a “fraud check” feature enabled on a campaign level, once the clicks are checked, you will get a detailed click fraud report for your campaign.

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