Referral program

Referral Program Terms and Conditions

Last Updated: 24.07.2020

This Referral Agreement is between you, hereinafter referred to as “Referrer” and RedTrack Technologies Ltd. (Further referred to as RedTrack). Based on the mutual promises contained herein and other good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged, the Parties hereby agree as follows:

1. Definitions

The following definitions shall apply to this Agreement:

  • “Referral” means any natural person, limited liability company, partnership, trust, association or other entity who purchased any of RedTrack subscription plan by the link provided by Referrer, as to which RedTrack has no past or existing relationship as a service provider, strategic partner, either directly or indirectly through another referral party. The past RedTrack Users are eligible for if they haven’t been registered with the Service under any email address or alias for at least 12 months on the date of registration.
  • “Referral Commission” means the 15% fee RedTrack pays the Referrer according to recurring revenue generated by the referred RedTrack user.
  • “Custom Rewards” means extra profits granted to Referrer with reference to the number of qualified Referred RedTrack Users as indicated on the referral program page: (available at and in the RedTrack interface (available at in the corresponding section “The Custom Rewards”.


2. Referral Program

This non-exclusive Referral Program allows Referrer to refer Referrals to RedTrack and receive a Commission, or Custom Rewards, subject to the following terms:

2.1. A Referral (referred RedTrack user) must satisfy each of the following criteria:

2.1.1. the referred RedTrack user must reach RedTrack register page by custom link received by the Referrer through the Profile interface, choose a paid plan, and provide successfully at least one payment;

2.1.2. the referred RedTrack user must not be a current or past RedTrack user;

2.1.3. the referred RedTrack user must not be a related entity to Referral or its accounts;

2.1.4. RedTrack must receive all due payments in due time from the referred RedTrack user;

2.2. In case of failure to fulfil the conditions described in section 2.1. above Referred RedTrack user will be removed from the Referral Program;


3. Payouts

3.1. For each  Referral, the Referrer must be granted with a Commission fee based on:

3.1.1. the invoice paid by Referral. The Referral Fee is calculated on the moment of Referral successful payment for the chosen plan by the Referred RedTrack User in case of purchasing any of monthly subscription plans.

3.1.2. the referral commission rate is determined as 15% of the purchased subscription plan by referral and is indicated on the referral program page: (available at

3.1.3. by agreeing to the terms of this agreement, a Referrer assumes the responsibility to pay all taxes and all duties imposed by national or supranational regulators.

3.1.4. the referral commission is subject to payout if the total acquired commission is above $100 (one hundred U.S. dollars).

3.1.5. all amounts referenced or payable under this Agreement are in U.S. Dollars.

3.1.6. the Referrer will receive Referral Fee to their bank account or via PayPal specified in their Referral account.

3.1.6. the Referrer may request to receive referral commission payment by sending an email to

3.2. Custom Rewards may be granted with reference to the number of Referrals as indicated on the referral program page: and RedTrack profile section:, where:

3.2.1. for 6 Referrals, a Referrer gets a $10 Amazon card.

3.2.2. for 9 Referrals, a Referrer gets access to exclusive bonuses from RedTrack partners.

3.2.3. for 14 Referrals, a Referrer gets a 20% discount on their annual subscription plans for you and your 14 referrals. The discount is usually applied to the next billing year or send an email at

3.2.4. for 22 Referrals, a Referrer gets Free 1 year membership at the forum.

3.2.5. for 35 Referrals, a Referrer gets a Partner status and will be promoted as a RedTrack partner, including placing your logo or website link to the RedTrack website, promo materials, and granting further assistance from the RedTrack team.

3.2.6. for 45 Referrals,  a Referrer gets +5% to Referral Commission.

3.3. When the number of Referrals is sufficient to receive Custom Awards, a Referrer should send an email at to receive them, unless the RedTrack team doesn’t contact them first. RedTrack must fulfil its obligations to provide custom Rewards within 15 (fifteen) days from receiving an email from a Referrer.

3.4. All activities related to the calculation of Commissions, payments, and custom awards must be performed by RedTrack and displayed in the Referrer’s personal account at the corresponding section:


4. Promotion

4.1. A Referrer agrees to market RedTrack truthfully and accurately.

4.2. Related marketing activities initiated by a Referrer must comply with applicable laws, regulations, industry standards, and best practices.


5. Relationship

Parties (Referrer and RedTrack) are entering this Agreement as independent contractors, and in no way are entering a formal partnership or joint venture. A Referrer has no formal rights to act as a RedTrack representative.


6. Modifications

6.1. RedTrack reserves the right to change, terminate or modify the Referral Program or this Agreement. The new rules come into force from the date stated in the “Last Updated” section on the Referral Program Terms and Conditions page. In case of termination, all the payouts will be released according to 3.1. and 3.2. of this agreement.

6.2. A Referrer may suspend his participation in the Referral Program at any time by stopping using the Referral Program or unsubscribing from RedTrack. In this case, a Referrer will receive Commission earned for Referrals occurred prior to the termination date. The Referrer should request to receive referral commission payment by sending an email to 


7. Personal Data Protection

7.1. This Agreement constitutes an integral part of the RedTrack Privacy Policy (available at which is incorporated by reference into Terms and Conditions (available at  for using RedTrack. In areas not covered by this section of the Agreement, provisions of RedTrack Privacy Policy shall be applicable.