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Publisher panel: settings for publisher

Normally, you do not have to do anything on the panel itself. Just in case the publishers have any issues, check out a short overview of the Publisher panel.

1. Once you are in your Pub panel you’ll see 5 main tabs, your balance Referral balance, and your account info:

2. To check out your Profile info, Referral program details, or sign out press on the drop-down sign next to the account settings on your right and choose the needed option:

3. Dashboard is the first tab you see, once you’ve logged in to your Publisher panel. You can filter all the needed info here and get the Day, Campaign, and the needed metrics:

4. In the Campaign tab you will see the list of your Campaigns alongside with the details on the right (Type, Rate, Category, etc.). It is possible to filter a particular Campaign by the Title:

5. The Payments tab gives you a brief overview of your balance alongside your payment amount and method, which you can change by pressing the change settings button next to it:


6. Conversion logs tab allows you to filter and view your conversions by their types and see their Campaign, Click ID, Conversion time, etc.:


7. Postback tab is where the Postback URL is to be added.:

Important note 1:

The tracking link can be found in Campaigns -> click on the target campaign -> decide on direct or redirect URLs block:



Important note 2:

For Multiple Postbacks Settings check out the article Publisher panel: adding whitelabel -> step 7.

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