Publisher panel

Publisher panel: overview

What is Publisher panel?

Publisher panel is a RedTrack feature allowing customers to do media-buying and manage publishers in one place without workarounds. RedTrack Publisher panel has the following crucial characteristics:

  • it is designed for the needs of small teams expanding media-buying into working directly with publishers or other affiliates;
  • it serves to expand the tracker’s functionality and create an all-in-one tracking and affiliate management solution with new features at a reasonable price;
  • it is represented by 2 separate workplaces: a control dashboard for Managers (your common RedTrack interface) and a publisher’s app branded with your logo and URL.

Must-dos to set up a proper Publisher panel

Follow these 2 steps to set up the Publisher panel in a proper manner:

1. To access the Publisher panel on the main RedTrack menu navigate to the section Publishers:

2. Remember to implement the basic settings in the Publisher panel in the correct order:

2.1 first you need to add a domain. For more details go to the article Publisher panel: adding a domain

2.2 then you add a Whitelabel. For more details go to the article Publisher panel: adding whitelabel

2.3 only after that do you move on to creating a Campaign and adding publishers. For more details go to the articles Publisher panel: creating a campaign and Publisher panel: adding publishers.


Remember that if you break this sequence and add a whitelabel first or add publishers and only then add the domain, it will cause a conflict forcing you to start the settings all over again.

3. Once you’ve added the domain, Whitelabel, created the Campaign, and added publishers you can proceed further with:

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