Publisher panel

Publisher panel: managing payouts

Set the payout model

1. Once you have created a campaign for your publisher, you can manage how you send the payout information.

2. There are several options on the payouts -> choose the appropriate tab -> add your payouts:

Geo-based: set the payout for the target geos

Publisher/alias based: add your publisher name and the payout

Publisher/alias subid: add your publisher name, the target sub id, the value of this sub id, the payout for this value of this sub id

Conversion type: This could be helpful if you work with RevShare but want a CPA model for some conversion type. Set the conversion type with the different payout model and the value

Manage payouts in the publisher account

With the help of RedTrack functionality, you have an option to show how much you have already paid to your publishers.

1. Go to Publishers -> Payouts:

2. Press “New” to add payout information. Choose the target publisher from the list -> set the amount -> save the changes

You will see the payout information right after you add it:

How does the payout section work?

The amount you add to your admin account is the amount you pay to your publisher, so since you add it in the admin panel, it is then recalculated in your publisher account in a pub panel.


You have added $100 to some publisher payout information.

In the pub panel, the publisher will see that his balance has decreased to 100.

That will mean he has received the payout to his credit card, paypal, etc. (where you have made this payment).

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