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Publisher panel: Deep link

What’s Deep link?

Deep link is a hypertext link to a page on a Web site other than its home page. These links are also used to send users directly to an app instead of a website or a store. Thus, when using deep links you do not get to the home page by default, but rather go straight to the specific in-app / website location (category of goods) or a concrete product. By using deep links Publishers save time and traffic.

How do you set up a deep link in the Publisher panel?

To manage a deep link in your Publisher panel Campaign act as follows:

1. On the main RedTrack menu navigate to Publishers-> go to Publishers-> Login as publisher:

2. Go to the Campaigns tab and choose the created Campaign (or create a new one if that’s the case):

3. Copy the Deeplink Traffic URL depending on the needed tracking type:

  • for direct tracking:

  • for redirect tracking:

4. Replace the {deeplink} part of the URL with the Product URL and paste this link to your ad, page, etc.

Here is how the ready-to-use URL with the added Product URL might look like:

  • for direct tracking:
  • for redirect tracking:{replace_me}&deeplink=
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