Publisher panel

Publisher panel: creating a campaign

To create a Campaign for your Publisher panel act as follows:

1. In your RedTrack account add the For Publishers Traffic Source:

1.1 go to Traffic sources -> New from template -> find the template called For publishers and press Add:

1.2 you can rename your Traffic source the way you want in the Source name field:

1.3 {replace_me} parameter in the Click Ref ID field is added for your publisher to see this value in the tracking link and replace it with his real value (macro for the click id used on his side):

1.4 in the Additional parameters section you see that the sub1 parameter is blocked – it will be populated with your publisher’s unique id. Nevertheless, you may provide your publishers with additional tracking sub-parameters in the field available for editing. These parameters will be added to the offer URL in the pub panel. Your publisher will need to replace the {replace} value with some macro/token. The data received from this token will be recorded in your account. Once you are done, press Save to apply the changes to the added Traffic source template:

2. Add your Offer source, offer and Landing page as usual.

3. Create a campaign

3.1 fill in all the obligatory fields, remember to select the Traffic source you have created for your publisher within step 1 of this guide:

3.2 After you choose this Traffic source from the Source dropdown, next to the Campaign details tab you will notice the activated tab called Details for publishers. Go to this tab:

3.3 set additional information for your publishers and press Add:

Hints on what to insert in the Details For Publishers fields:

  • Set some description
  • Choose the advertiser and direct traffic URL (if you want to provide your publishers with this option)
  • Put Preview and Preview Image URLs (you can use any file sharing service for the purpose)
  • Set the traffic type, categories, countries and OS

4. (at the moment this tab is absent from the new UI and in the process added) Add the creatives

5. Proceed with the custom settings. For details go to the article Publisher panel: managing payouts

6. Now your publishers can see, and promote this campaign in their affiliate panel and check the report anytime.


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