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Publisher panel: adding whitelabel

With RedTrack, you have an option to make your panel 100% white-labeled and customized. To do that follow the steps below:

1. Go to Publishers -> Whitelabel -> New:

2. Set the first block. It’s the essential information for your Whitelabel.

Domain – set the domain you have added before. If you have several domains, you can set several whitelabels.

Multiple whitelabels are billed additionally. Please contact your Product Specialist for more information.

Default Traffic Source  –  access to the campaigns for your publishers is based on the traffic sources. Set the default source for this whitelabel. Later you can also restrict access to the campaigns to different publishers.

Default Campaigns  – if you want to limit your publishers with some campaigns under the approved traffic sources, use this option. Only the chosen campaigns will be available for the publishers.

This could be useful for the cases when you run paid traffic to some campaigns under the traffic source you use for your publishers but don’t need your publishers to have the access to those campaigns. 

Title – this is the name of the panel for your publishers/affiliates.

Allow Sign up – allow or restrict sign-up to limit access to your panel.

Show Balance & Payment history – show or hide the payment history from your publishers/affiliates.

Approved by default – if the new publisher/affiliate registers, he can be approved by default or manually in your admin account.

Show alias/id – show or hide the unique alias for the publisher/affiliate account (the alias you will set for a particular publisher)

Use alias as id – show a readable unique identifier in a publisher/affiliate tracking link

Show log – show or hide the postback log from your publisher/affiliate

Logo URL   – your panel logo. Generate the URL of your logo using any tool that allows you to generate an image link. The Whitelabel logo’s image should be square (e.g. 640×640 px, 1080×1080 px)

Favicon URL  –  your panel favicon. Generate the URL of your logo using any tool that allows you to generate an image link. The Whitelabel favicon’s image should be square (e.g. 640×640 px, 1080×1080 px)

Terms and conditions, privacy policy enabled – if you have your own terms and conditions and privacy policy, enable it so affiliates can have access to.

Terms and conditions URL  – put the link to your terms and conditions here.

Privacy policy URL –  put the link to your privacy policy here.

Website – put the link to your website if any.

Manager Contact – add the account manager contact  if any

Customize columns –  choose what data slices you want to show to your affiliates

3. Set the conditions for a payment request.

Define the minimum payment amount for each payment method. This will affect the payment request conditions for the publisher account (it will not be possible to request a payment if the amount is lower).

Choose the desired notification option. This is the way you will receive a notification on the requested payment.

4. Customise login and signup pages.

Сustomize login page title

Сustomize login page subtitle

Сustomize sign up title

Сustomize sign up subtitle

This is how publishers will see it.

Show second Sign Up page – if you want to collect more information from the publishers during the signup, enable this option and choose the information you want to collect

5. Customise emails.

There are 5  types  of email notifications available for customization:

Signup requested – email for manually approved registrations

Signup Successful – email for automatically approved registrations

Password reset – password reset notification

New campaign – notification on a newly created campaign

Campaign status changed – notification on an existing campaign status change

The structure is the same for all. You have a preview, subject, greeting, body, and signature

This is what your publisher will receive when the target action triggers the email notification.

6. Refeffal program

This feature is activated upon the request for an additional fee. Please get in touch with your Product Specialist or for advice.

You can activate a referral program to allow publishers to earn additional commission from referrals they will attract to the system.

Refferal gets the commission based on the campaign cost settings. It can be either campaign cost itself or custom payout set on the campaign level. You as a publisher who has attracted the referral will gain a commission from the referral commission.

Here are the things you can customize:

Additional program URL – any custom link you want to use for the purpose. It can be a link with your own backend integration, or some API integration. We will  still add a unique value to the link so the system can identify the referral and attach hin to your account correctly.

First level commission – a  commission earned by a publisher who has attracted the referrer directly

Number of steps – the depth of your referral program (how many publishers in the funnel will be able to get the commission from a newly acquired referral)

Commission decrement – how much less the publishers in the funnel will get compared to the one who has attracted the referral directly


Let’s imagine we have the following setup for a referral program:
First level commission is 50%
Number of steps is 2
Commission decrement is 25%
This is how it will work:
7. Google Tag manager
You can add your GTM code to the Whitelabel
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