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Publisher panel: adding a domain and whitelabel

Domain and whitelabel are the essential things to start working with your publisher panel. The domain is integrated the same way as a custom tracking domain – via creating a CNAME record. This  CNAME record should point to

1. If you do not have a  domain, you need to purchase one. After that, add a CNAME record pointing to in your domain registrar. It’s added the same way as a custom tracking domain. Here is how it can be done.

2. To make sure that your affiliates get your e-mails, create a TXT record in your domain settings:

type: TXT


TXT value: v=spf1 ~all

3. Purchase the SSL certificate. It is an obligatory step. Gogetssl is a good service for the purpose. A more detailed guide is available here.

4. Add your domain to RedTrack:

Add your certificate and key and save the changes:

5. Go to Publishers -> Whitelabel -> fill in all the fields and save the settings.

Domain – set the domain you have added before. If you have several domains. you can set several whitelabels.

Default Traffic Source  –  access to the campaigns for your publishers is based on the traffic sources. Set the default source for this whitelabel. Later you can also restrict access to the campaigns to different publishers.

Title – this is the name of the panel for your affiliates.

Allow Sign up – allow or restrict sign-up to limit the access to your panel.

Show Balance & Payment history – show or hide the payment history from your affiliates.

Approved by default – if the new affiliate registers, he can be approved by default or manually in your admin account.

Logo URL   – your panel logo (generate the URL of your logo using any appropriate tool)

Favicon URL  –  your panel favicon (generate the URL of your favicon using any appropriate tool)

Terms and conditions, privacy policy enabled – if you have terms and conditions and privacy policy, enable it so affiliates can have access to.

Terms and conditions URL  – put the link to your terms and conditions here.

Privacy policy URL –  put the link to your privacy policy here.

Website – put the link to your website if any.

Customize columns –  choose what data slices you want to show to your affiliates


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