Offer sources

Postback with the offer source (pixel/S2S)

What is a postback with an offer source?

It is the URL (or a pixel) with some dynamic parameters (normally, it should contain the click id and payout macros) your affiliate network (advertiser, your own “Thank you” page) calls on their side to send the conversion data back to RedTrack. It allows you to receive the conversion based on RedTrack unique clickid and analyze it inside the tracker or send it to your traffic source.

Pixel/script postback

It’s the simplest and less accurate method. You place a piece of code (or script) to your “Thank you” page and each time the visitor opens this page, the conversion is fired. That means the same visitor can refresh the page and pixel will then be fired once again so you may receive a duplicate.

The main advantages of pixel/script are:
– you can use it if S2S option is not available
– it’s compatible with GTM

Here is how the tracking pixel may look like:
<img src=”//″ width=”1″ height=”1″ />

RedTrack generates a unique pixel with your dedicated tracking domain but you can change it to a custom tracking domain.

The pixel/script can be found in your account -> Conversion tracking -> Conversion tracking pixel/Postback script.
You can also use the pixel/script for conversion types and conversion statuses. For example, you want to track different types of conversions simultaneously (email submits/purchases/leads/deposits etc).

A  “type” parameter is to be added manually. Type should equal to the one you have set in your conversion type settings.

For example:

<img src=”//” width=”1″ height=”1″ />

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”//”></script>

S2S postback

Server to server postback is the most accurate method of receiving and sending conversion data. S2S tracking is saving the information about the user ID directly to the server of an advertiser (offer provider), RedTrack and Affiliate Network.
When a user clicks on an ad, this click is recorded and gets a new generated unique ID for this session. If a user buys or orders something on the offer provider side, RedTrack receives the message from the offer provider (affiliate network, advertiser) about the conversion that happened.

This is a standard option available for everyone. No additional settings are required.

1. For the affiliate network preset templates, you do not need to change anything, just copy the postback URL from your offer source settings and put it to your offer source (affiliate network, advertiser) account under the global postback.

2. For custom offer sources, you will need to clarify the correct clickid and payout macros essential  for tracking:

3. Once you add it and save the changes, copy the generated postback and put it to your offer source (affiliate network, advertiser) account under the global postback.

With S2S postback you can use conversion types. They are set in your account -> Tools -> Conversion tracking -> Conversion  types. After you set the names, simply add &type=conversion event name to your postback URL.

All conversion type columns and statistics are available in your reports:

Postback templates are available in your RedTrack account -> Tools -> Conversion tracking. By default, your dedicated tracking domain is used there but you can change it to your custom tracking domain if there’s any.

It does not matter what domain you will be using in your postback as the visitor will not see it and it is required only for the server-side tracking.  So you can leave the dedicated tracking domain there.


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