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Outbrain is the world’s leading discovery and native advertising feed for the open web. A third of the world’s Internet-connected population explores and discovers information through our feed technology, which is trusted by emerging to established brands and integrated into thousands of media companies’ tech stacks to manage and monetize their publishing operations. Outbrain operates in 55 countries and is headquartered in New York City, with offices in 18 cities worldwide.

Outbrain is integrated with RedTrack via an API connection. This option allows you to create the rules in RedTrack and manage your campaigns in Outbrain.

1. Add Outbrain template to RedTrack.

Go to Traffic Sources tab ->  New -> find Outbrain -> Add the template:

S2S postback URL for Outbrain and all the tracking parameters will be available once you add it:

Before you create a campaign, you need to activate the “Conversion Event Name” in Outbrain and add it to the S2S postback link. This is required for sending conversions back to Outbrain:

2. Activate conversion event in Outbrain.

Go to the Conversions tab:

Click Add conversion button:

Choose Event-Based Conversion type:

Fill in the info and enter the name of your conversion in the Name field and save the changes.

Once it’s done, go back to RedTrack and add the conversion name into the S2S postback URL and save the changes:

3. Creating a campaign in RedTrack.

Once you have everything ready, you can proceed with the campaign creation.

After you save the campaign, a click URL (your tracking link) will be automatically generated:

4. Launch a campaign in Outbrain.

Open the Campaigns tab > click Add campaign button:

Fill in the details:  campaign name, your business goal, etc. Add the tracking parameters (all parameters after the “?” in your tracking link) from RedTrack into the Suffix field:

Click Next: Content button:

Put the first part of the tracking URL (till the “?”) to the URL field and add creatives, title, etc.:

Click the Launch campaign button:

5. Set the postback.

Since the S2S postback link has already been added to our template, it will automatically appear in the campaign settings:

6. Integrate Outbrain with your RedTrack account.

As Outbrain has an API restriction on every new account you need to apply for it first. Once approved you will see the following in the dropdown:

In RedTrack go to Tools -> Integrations -> fill in all the necessary details and save the changes.

Email: the “ACCOUNT” value from Outbrain

Password: your Outbrain password

Account ID: your Outbrain account ID. It can be found in the URL

API integration gives you the following benefits:

  • Pause: campaign, placement, creative
  • Create automated rules

7. Set the automation and enjoy!

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