Organic traffic campaign

What is an organic traffic campaign?

It’s when you don’t buy the traffic from some ad network but only need to track the organic traffic coming to your website.

Organic traffic campaign

Since you do not know what source your visitors may come from, your own website serves as the traffic source.

1. Open the traffic sources tab and add your own website as a traffic source.
2. Add the offers you’re promoting in the offers tab.
3. Add your website as a landing page.
4. Create a new campaign as a regular campaign and save it.
5. Copy the no-redirect script associated with this campaign.
6. Paste the no-redirect script on your website.

Here’s a more detailed guide: Quick start

Organic traffic as part of a regular campaign

If you’re using the same lander for paid traffic but still want to track the organic one, then using no-redirect tracking with multiple traffic sources will be the best solution for you.

1. Create campaigns for all your traffic sources (e.g: Facebook, Google, etc. ) and the one for organic traffic as is described above.
2. Adjust and put our script to your LP page code: No Redirect Tracking With Multiple Sources

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