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No redirect tracking

What is no redirect tracking?

It’s when you use your landing page link or the direct link to your website for tracking so the traffic goes directly to the target page without any additional redirects. This kind of tracking is essential for organic traffic, Google Ads, Facebook, Bing, TikTok  campaigns. There are of course some other sources of traffic that require using no redirects – RedTrack no redirect tracking option works for all of them.

The no-redirect tracking lets you track all the data you need, even when you can’t use traditional tracking links.

The no-redirect campaign is created the same way as the usual one, but you use your landing page URL instead of  campaign click URL in your source of traffic.

1. Generate the universal tracking script.

2. Add the script to your landing page code (or website, or e-com store depending on your flow). Ensure that both the script and offer click URL ( are present in the page source if you work with the /click support option.

The script tracks both clicks and views, don’t add LP views script to the landing as they may block each other.

3. Add the tracking parameters to the landing page URL (or website URL) inside your source of traffic. Take the ready to use tracking parameters from here:

The parameters must be separated from the main URL  with the “?”.

For example:

Important note: if you are using a custom tracking domain, make sure to purchase and add the SSL certificate to your domain settings as the script works with secure domains only. You can always use your dedicated tracking domain (Profile -> dedicated tracking domain) – it has the certificate. However, with Facebook and Google it’s highly recommended to have a custom tracking domain.

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