Multi-user access

What is a multi-user access?

The multi-user access feature allows several users to work in one RedTrack account. This is essential when you have a team where everyone needs access to edit the data or even different levels of access (for example based on traffic sources). Each invited user will have access to your account (Admin account) and you (Admin) will be able to manage the performance of each user.

Team subscription includes 2 free additional users, Agency subscription includes 5 free additional users. Extra users can be added for $30 per user/month (please contact )

To invite a new user to RedTrack, do the following:

1. A user needs to sign up to RedTrack or sign in to an existing account.
2. Once it’s done, go to your RedTrack account and find Settings -> Multiaccess -> click the “Add new user” button:

3. Set the user’s email address and access details:

Full access provides the ability to see and edit all data in your RedTrack account.

– To hide financial data turn the corresponding toggle off:

– To limit user access in creating campaigns or their parts, RedTrack logs, Publishers and Advertisers panels, you need to turn the corresponding toggle off:

Selected access type will be applied to all elements from the list. If you switch “Campaign view” toggle off, the campaigns tab will not be available for this user.

– If you want your users to work with individual traffic sources or affiliate networks, you can limit access by them. Just specify sources and networks that will be visible for your user here:

Limit by traffic source – the limitation is applied for certain campaigns and traffic sources. Since the campaign is attached to the traffic source, this is the only option to limit access to certain campaigns. If you need to limit the access to 2 or 3 campaigns, then you will need to create a separate traffic source for this target multi-user.

Limit by offer source – the limitation is applied for certain offer sources and offers associated with these offer sources. It’s not applied to the campaigns as access to the campaigns can be limited by the traffic sources.

4. After you add your user, he will receive an invitation email. Once the invitation is confirmed, the user can log in as a multi-user.

He can select between the default account and your account by pressing the multiaccess button:

If it is required to use “read-only” mode, you can switch “Edit” and “Export” toggles off. RedTrack tabs will be available only in a view mode. The access type may be modified anytime and for any user.

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