Multi-currency support

What is multi-currency support?

This is a feature allowing you to receive the payouts and costs in different currencies and transform them into your account currency based on the European Central Bank rate. Rates are updated twice a day.

To set up the multi-currency, perform the following simple steps:

1. Set the default account currency in your account settings.

Be careful as currency can be set only once. A change can be made only upon the request. For more details on this matter contact your sales representative or support@redtrack.io.

2. Set the default currency for your traffic source and offer source:

Traffic source currency is the currency of your traffic costs.

Offer source currency is the currency of your conversion payouts.

3. Now your costs and payouts will be transformed into your account default currency.

For example, if your conversion payout is in EUR, RedTrack will change it to USD based on the European Central Bank rate so like that you have accurate statistics if your costs are in USD or any other currency.

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