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What are the logs?

It’s all your data about the clicks, conversions and postbacks. It contains all the information received from your source of traffic,  affiliate network, raw click data provided by RedTrack (more than 30 data slices).

We are quite open and allow you to export all the data in a separate file to provide it where needed (for example in case of a click discrepancy you can grab this file and give to your account manager for checking). There are 3 main log slices: clicks, conversions and postbacks.


You can filter the data based on date, click id, campaign, offer, offer source, traffic source.
You can export all the necessary information: if any filters are applied, only the filtered data will be exported.

The columns include both RedTrack data and the data we receive from the traffic source.

Those columns can also be customised: you can add/remove new and change the order of the columns.


It’s the list of all your campaign and offers clicks. There are 2 types of clicks: the click itself (when a visitor clicks on your campaign tracking link or arrives on your landing page if you use the direct traffic script) and LP click (when the visitor clicks on the CTA button on your landing page).


It’s the list of conversions received from your partner (direct advertiser, affiliate network, your own “Thank you” page).
In addition to the standard columns, it contains conversion statuses, types, payout and the postback IPs.

Here you can update and upload your conversion data.
Upload can be done via .csv file:

And by copypasting the click ids directly to the form:

The status update is available here:

Put the target conversion id and choose the new status.


Postback logs contain the information about conversions we have sent back to your source of traffic. It contains only the basic information about the conversion + the postback URL we call on our side (it’s the URL you have set in your campaign postback settings).

Postback logs can be exported and used the way it may be needed.

For example, provide it to your traffic source account manager in case of any questions with the postbacks (not received, not all of them are received, etc.)

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