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With over 10+ years’ worldwide experience, Lemonads is based on a strong reputation in audience monetization and affiliate marketing. The team wants to be agile and in continuous movement to best fit with the needs and expectations of its members.

The process of integrating Lemonads to RedTrack is pretty simple and consists of several steps done on Lemonads and your RedTrack accounts.

1. Go to your RedTrack account (If you are not registered, here is the link to the sign-up form) to add Lemonads as your offer source: Offer sources -> New -> type Lemonads in the  ‘Title’ search bar -> Add

2. Once you add it, you will notice that all the necessary fields are already prefilled and the postback template is available. Adjust other settings the way you need. More information on each of them can be found here.

3. Copy the postback URL (it already contains your dedicated tracking domain so you do not need to change anything).

4. Go to the offers to add your Lemonads offer URL: Offers ->  New. Add the name, choose Lemonads as your offer source, adjust all other settings the way you need (more information can be found here) and finally add the URL of the offer you will be promoting. The most important thing here is to add the click id parameter to the end of the offer URL. For Lemonads the correct parameter is clickid={clickid}

5. Go to your Lemonads account -> Profile -> Global postback

6. Put the postback URL you have copied in RedTrack settings step 3 here and save the changes:

You are all set and can start tracking! Remember to create your Lemonads campaign in RedTrack.

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