What is Konnektive?

Konnektive CRM is a campaign and customer management platform that helps marketers automate and streamline complex sales procedures. It is a great web application to manage your products from a logistical and customer driven standpoint.

Konnektive possesses a set of the following functionalities:
  • Product, Campaign and Inventory management
  • Automated recurring billing and product fulfillment events
  • Multi-merchant and Chargeback gateway management
  • Landing page creation
  • Split testing and analysis
  • Affiliate performance tracking
  • Retargeting
  • Programmatic traffic buying
  • Site, Audience, Contextual and Geo Targeting
  • Inbound/Outbound sales order entry
  • Campaign tracking and ROI management
  • Dashboard analytics and much more…

This article outlines how to track data from Konnektive in RedTrack. To do that act as follows:

Settings on the Konnektive’s side

1. Add RedTrack as an Affiliate to Konnektive

1.1. Login to your Konnektive account:

1.2. Go to CRM -> Affiliates:

1.3. Press “+” to add the Affiliate profile:

1.4. In the pop-up window Edit Affiliate fill in the Title field:

Aff Id value is generated automatically, so do not edit/add anything in this field

1.5. Pay special attention to the Passed Values window:

1.5.1. press “+” to add a new value:

1.5.2. make sure that values are ticked as follows:

  • c1 = Publisher ID

  • c2 = Sub Affiliate (this is clickid passed to RedTrack)

1.5.3. in case it’s needed to change the values, press Edit:

1.6. Press Update to save the changes:


1.7. Create a Campaign in Konnektive

Setting the Campaign in Konnektive requires some particular steps which you may get acquainted with in the article Konnektive Campaign creation.

The Campaigns you’ve added can be viewed in the Campaign tab of your profile added to Affiliates:

Settings on the RedTrack’s side

2. Go to RedTrack

2.1. Add Offer source

2.2. Copy the Postback URL:

Remember that Postback URL will be generated based on the inserted Postback parameters.

2.3. Go to your Affiliates profile in Konnektive, select the tab Pixels, and press “+“:

2.4. Fill in the mandatory fields:

*Campaign: choose the Campaign you want to integrate. Remember, that you have to add Postback for each Campaign in Konnektive!

*Commission type: choose CPA Pixel

*Fire after page: choose All offers

*Pixel type: select Postback

*Postback Url: paste the Postback URL from step 2.2

For more information on pixels in Konnektive go to the article Affiliate pixels in Konnektive.

2.5. Create an Offer 

Important note!

When working with Affiliate Networks, a must step when creating an Offer will be to check / put the correct macroses. Meaning, you should add to the URL macros {clickid}, otherwise, postback won’t process the data correctly:

2.6. Create a Campaign in RedTrack

Tracking can be set by the following flows:

1. Traffic source (redirect) → LP → Offer → Konnektive
2. Traffic source (no-redirect) → LP → Offer → Konnektive
3. Traffic source → Offer → Konnektive


Detailed articles to help you build such flows:

*Adding a source of traffic (paid/your website

*Adding a Landing page

*Adding an Offer source (Affiliate network / Advertiser) and Offer

*Creating a campaign

You are all set. Good luck!

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