Google Ads

Google Ads is an advertising service by Google for businesses wanting to display ads on Google and its advertising network. The Google Ads program enables businesses to set a budget for advertising and only pay when people click the ads. The ad service is largely focused on keywords.

The main thing here is that in case you run Campaigns with landing pages you do not need to use parallel tracking.

Setting up the tracking

1. Add Google Ads as a traffic source in RedTrack.

Go to the traffic sources in your RedTrack account -> New -> search for Google Ads

2. All the essential parameters are already filled in so no need to change anything.
You can only remove the macros you don’t want/need to use here:

The blocked (greyed) parameters cannot be changed as these parameters are required for Google-RedTrack API integration. Leave it as is and do not change the parameters later in the tracking template.

3. Create a campaign in RedTrack.

Now that we have the traffic source in place, it is time to set up a new campaign. Here is more information on how this can be done.

Important! Use only a custom tracking domain and no-redirect tracking with Google.

4. Your no-redirect script will be generated automatically and include all the supported macros.  Copy the script and add it script to your landing page code. More information on no-redirect tracking is available here.

5. Set the tracking in your Google Ads account.

Go to All Campaigns → Settings → Additional settings → Campaign URL options -> Put additional parameters to the Tracking template field -> add {lpurl}?your tracking parameters from the campaign separated by “&”

Example: if this is your tracking link{lpurl}&sub2={keyword}&sub3={matchtype}&sub4={adgroupid}&sub5={creative}&sub6={campaignid}&sub7={device}&sub8={adposition}&sub9={network}&sub10={placement}&ref_id={gclid}

You need to put those parameters to your tracking template:


Go to Ads & extensions  → edit for the target one → put the Final URL here (your Final URL is your LP URL you are using in RedTrack):

Use only a custom tracking domain with Google Ads.

Sending conversions to Google Ads

With RedTrack you can send the conversion data back to Google Ads automatically. This feature is available starting from Professional subscription. However, you can always use offline conversions upload on any subscription plan.

To pass conversion data back to Google Ads, you need to enable the integration on your RedTrack account.

1. Go to Tools>Integrations -> Traffic sources to access the settings.

Add your Google Ads Customer ID  (it consists of 10 digits and can be found in the upper right corner of your Google Ads account).

The account you’re connecting must be the same account from which you run your Google Ads Campaigns. The integration will not work if you connect the Google Ads manager account.

Save the changes first to make the “Connect” button active -> Connect -> You will be forwarded to the Google sign-in form


Choose the target account procced with integration – press “Allow”:

After that, you’ll return to the integration page and you are now set.

Google takes the conversion data once a day. The statistics for conversions which are passed from RedTrack will appear in your Google Ads account in approximately 24 hours, due to the architecture of Google.

More information about Google Ads tracking methodology can be found here.

2. Set the automation and enjoy!

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