Facebook tracking

Facebook event deduplication

There are 2 possible ways to avoid the event deduplication:

  1. Send different types of events via browser and server
  2. Set up a deduplication process

When you send different events via browser and server, no need to worry about the deduplication as everything is fine.

But when you want to send the same events both via pixel and browser, you will have to set the deduplication process up. Otherwise you will miss those events as Facebook will remove them automatically.

How can this be done?

RedTrack allows you to use the event ID for this purpose. Follow these simple steps:

1. Establish the proper S2S conversion tracking with your affiliate network. Use the sub20 parameter in a postback to send RedTrack the unique conversion value.

Most affiliate networks support some unique value on their side (conversion id, transaction id, etc.). Ask your account manager for advice if you cannot find it.

Postback example:


2. Once you start receiving these unique values, RedTrack will automatically send them to Facebook attached to each conversion. After that, Facebook will check for the event value in the received conversion information and attribute it accordingly.

Just make sure you have integrated your Facebook account with RedTrack.


The event id sent in a sub20 should be unique for each conversion, otherwise, it will not work.

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