Direct advertiser setup

What is a direct advertiser campaign?

It’s simple. You are a direct advertiser: have your own offers and promote them on your own.

1. Add traffic source where you buy traffic. If you use the traffic source template provided by RedTrack, the dynamic values and the postback template are automatically filled in. If there is no target source available, then simply create a custom one.

2. Add your personal website as offer source trough “create custom” option. Just create in RedTrack a placeholder offer source called, for example, “MySite”. It is required only to specify the name of the offer source.
Save the changes.

3. Add the page you will send the traffic to as an offer.
Here it’s required to specify the offer name and the URL of the page you want to send the traffic to.

You will not need to use {clickid} in the offer URL, as there is no offer source to send it to.

4. Use pixel/script for conversion tracking. A tracking pixel/script is required when you promote your own offers.
Add the conversion tracking pixel/script to your “Thank you” page or to a page that follows the confirmed sale.  In this case, a conversion postback will be sent back to RedTrack once the pixel/script is fired on the page. RedTrack tracking pixels/scripts are unique for each account and are available in the Tools -> Conversion tracking tab.

5. Proceed further with the Campaign creation as usual.

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