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Publisher panel: coupon tracking

What is a coupon and why it may be useful?

Coupon is a unique code that may be assigned to your publisher in order to promote the links. You can assign conversions to a publisher based on the coupon value used. Coupons will override any click data and will attribute conversion to the publisher that used coupons.

To create a coupon, you need to set your coupon token for a publisher and coupon value for the campaign. When combined – they will give a unique publisher coupon for a campaign that will look like “token-value.”

1. To set the coupon tracking go to your campaign -> Details For Publishers:

2. Add the token and the value:

3. Go to Publishers -> Edit -> Set the coupon token:

4. Now, you can log in as a publisher -> Campaigns -> Choose the campaign -> check the coupon. This is how your publishers will see it on their side. They can copy it and use it for tracking.

To send coupon data to RedTrack please use postback macro: coupon=coupon_value (example: coupon=vandatest-20off).


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