Templates: affiliate networks




1. Enable the Instant Notification feature in ClickBank first.

Log in to your ClickBank account -> Vendor Settings -> My Site -> Advanced Tools -> Edit -> Request Access 



Fill out the form, thoroughly review the terms of use, and acknowledge that you have read and agree to the terms of use. Click the Save Changes & Request API Access button at the bottom of the form.

2. Add ClickBank Secret Key to RedTrack.

My Site -> Advanced Tools -> Edit -> copy the Secret Key.

If you have no secret key, first set in in Clickbank and save the changes (it’s important to save the key before adding anything else).

3. Go to RedTrack Tools -> Integrations –> and paste the Secret Key -> Save the changes: 

4. Add the ClickBank template to RedTrack.

Go to Offer Sources  -> New –> find ClickBank -> Add -> Save:

No need to change anything in the template at this step.


5. Add a ClickBank offer to RedTrack.

Go to Offers -> New -> fill in the info -> choose ClickBank as your offer source -> copy the offer link to the URL field > add tid={clickid} parameter to the end of the offer URL.

6. Create a postback link.

Postback URL template is already available in your RedTrack account offer source settings:

Grab the postback link from the template and replace the “REPLACEME” part​ with your RedTrack API key.

You can find your API key under the Tools -> Integrations tab:



7. Add the postback link to ClickBank.

Go to My Site > Advanced Tool -> Edit ->

-> put the postback link to the Instant Notification URL field -> select version 7.0 ->  TEST IPN

After that, the link will become verified.

8. If you want to receive conversions from Clickbank, set conversion types and the mapping.

Once you have set the event names, set the mapping. This is an obligatory step. If you do not set the mapping, your Clickbank conversions will not be received.
Choose the conversion event from the dropdown list (excluding Initiate Checkout) – the one that corresponds to your Clickbank event (on the left). Leave the Initiate Checkout field empty.

For example:

9. Set the tracking for the Initiate Checkout.

9.1 Go to your Clickbank account  -> Vendor settings -> My site -> Integrated sales reporting -> Add tracking code

9.2 Choose the type “Tracking pixel” -> Add

9.3 Add the postback without the click id value.

The format is the following:

Simply replace the your.tracking.domain part with your tracking domain

In the Track As section, select the Affiliate or Vendor radial button to indicate how the pixel should be tracked.
Select Affiliate if you are promoting ClickBank products from the specific sales account you are working in.
Select Vendor if you are creating products for promotion in the account.
If you select Affiliate, you will receive information relevant to the affiliate process.
If you select Vendor, you will receive information relevant to the vendor process.

9.4  Check the Order Form box to indicate that the pixel will fire on the order form.

This is the option that passes traffic data for Initiate Checkout.

9.5 Change the text for affiliate tracking code to clickid

9.6 Save the changes, and you are all set.

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