Traffic sources integrated via API

Bing Ads

What’s Bing Ads?

Bing Ads helps you reach a new group of high-quality customers and increase your return on advertising spend (ROAS). In addition, clients with Bing Ads campaigns often have lower cost-per-click (CPC) and costs-per-acquisition (CPA) than with comparable Google AdWords campaigns.

Setting up the tracking in RedTrack

1. Add Bing template to RedTrack

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1.1 go to Traffic Sources -> choose the option New from template:

1.2 in the pop-up window type in Bing Ads in the search field and press Add:

1.3 all the essential parameters are already filled in, so no need to change anything. You can only remove the macros you don’t want/need to use in the Additional parameters section and press Save:

The blocked (greyed) parameters cannot be changed as these parameters are required for Bing-RedTrack API integration. Leave it as is and do not change the parameters later in the tracking template.


2. Integrate Bing with RedTrack

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2.1 once you’ve saved the source template, the “Connect” button under the Bing Ads API integration section becomes active. Since it is a complex API integration, we need to get permission to integrate from Bing first. Press “Connect“:

2.2 verify your ad account by entering your credentials:

2.3 give access to your data:

2.4 once done, you will be redirected back to your RedTrack account settings. This means Bing ads accepted the integration, and you can proceed with adding your account ID.

2.5 copy your Bing Ads Account Id (aid consisting of 9 digits), which can be found in the URL once you log in to your Bing account:

2.6 get back to your BindAds Traffic source in Redtrack->add the copied account ID (from step 2.5) to the Bing Ads Account Id field in the template-> press Save changes:

2.7 once you’ve saved the changes in the template, the “Active” toggle will appear at the top right corner next to the Connected button, which means your account in RedTrack is integrated with your BingAds account:

For your information!

API integration gives you the following benefits:

  • Pause: campaign, creative
  • Create automated rules
  • Auto-update cost data
  • Receive conversion data automatically in your BingAds account.

2.8 (optional) if you want to receive conversion data inside your Bing account, remember to set custom conversion types in RedTrack or set a default name here:

2.9 (optional) to enable the auto-cost update feature, follow this short guide.


3. Set a campaign in RedTrack with Bing as your Traffic source. After you save the campaign, all the tracking parameters will be generated automatically:

Use only a custom tracking domain and no-redirect tracking with Bing.

4. Your No-redirect script will be generated automatically and include all the supported macros (can be found under the section Tracking links and parameters in your Campaign settings). Copy the script and add it to your landing page code:

Useful articles:

Setting up the tracking in Bing Ads

For your information!

This article focuses on the integration settings between RedTrack and Bing Ads and outlines major steps without which integration may fail. In case you are having difficulties with settings in your Bing Ads account, feel free to use the internal Microsoft Advertising tutorials which can be found on the main menu when pressing Help-> Browse help articles:

5. Launch the Campaign in your Bing Ads account

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5.1 in your Bind Ads account go to Campaigns -> press Create a campaign:

5.2 specify the goal of the Campaign and the types of ads you are up to:

5.3 in the Campaign settings tab set the Campaign’s name, scroll down the Campaign settings and adjust them as needed on your side, press Save & go to the next step:

5.4 fill in the mandatory fields in the Ad groups & keywords step:

5.5 fill in the mandatory fields in the tab Ads and extensions. Mandatory steps for BingAds⇔RedTrack integration within the settings of this tab are as follows:

5.5.1 press Create ad:

5.5.2 set your LP URL in the Final URL field:

5.5.3 copy the parameters from your RedTrack Campaign settings (“Tracking links and parameters” section-> No-redirect->Tracking parameters):

5.5.4 in your Bing Ads account (step Ads & ad extensions-> Create your ad) scroll down to the Add URL options section and paste the additional parameters to the Tracking template field:

Important note 1:

To avoid any errors you should add {lpurl}? to your tracking parameters:




Important note 2:

Do not change the order of the parameters as it is required for the extended API Integration.

5.5.5 fill in the rest of the mandatory steps in this window

5.6 Save the changes and run the campaign.

5.7. Conversion data will be sent to Bing automatically once it’s integrated. No need to put anything to the postback section on the RedTrack side.

Important note!

When adjusting the Settings in the Conversion goal details step make sure to choose the option “Conversion action value may vary” under the Revenue section:


6. Set the automation and enjoy!

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