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Operating exclusively in the mobile advertising arena of the ad tech industry, Billy Mobile is the leading affiliate platform, successfully shrinking the divide between advertisers and publishers. With advanced proprietary technology, 24/7 specialist advice and a global presence, Billy ensures maximum value for both sides of the transaction. Media buyers from across the globe can benefit from Billy’s self-service platform, boasting a premium inventory of 6,000+ CPA, CPL and CPI campaigns. Browse the offers in the Marketplace and filter by specific carrier, country, OS and/or connection type to get the right offer for your traffic. Alternatively, have Billy’s proprietary BX link do the work for you. A single link that uses artificial intelligence to get the right ad to the right user at the right time. With full transparency and powerful anti-fraud software, it’s easy to make revenue soar with Billy Mobile.

Today, we will find out how to track your BillyMob offers using RedTrack. You don’t need to be a techie in order to do that – the entire process contains 4 easy steps:

1. Add BillyMob template to RedTrack.

Go to Offer Sources -> New > find BillyMob -> Add the template:

2. The postback URL for BillyMob will be as follows:

3. Copy the postback for further implementation on the BillyMob side and Save the changes.

4. Set the postback URL in BillyMob:

Log into your BillyMob account and click on your account name in the upper right corner, then open Account Settings. Go to Global Postback section of the menu. In order to enable tracking, you need to set up a Postback link.

In BillyMob, {sub} parameter is typically used for this purpose. Paste the pre-set Postback URL template you copied in Step 3 into the corresponding field and click Save. You will be asked whether the new Postback should apply for campaigns you’re currently running or only the new ones.

5. Obtain the BillyMob offer:

Go to Marketplace and select your desired offer. Click the blue GET TRACKING LINK button in the upper right corner. Submit information regarding your Traffic Source and click Get tracking link.

The link needs to be edited in order to track the offer with RedTrack. Click the pencil edit button next to the link and add the tracking parameter to the corresponding field. For RedTrack it’s {clickid}. The link will be updated automatically. Click Save and copy your unique tracking link to the clipboard.

6. Add BillyMob offer to RedTrack.

Open Offers -> New:

7. Fill in the info -> add BillyMob offer link in the URL field -> add the tracking parameters “sub={clickid}” at the end of the offer URL -> Save the changes:


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