Auto rules

Auto rule: feature description and specifics

Rules functionality allows you to automate the campaign optimization process. After you set the conditions, RedTrack starts checking your reports and campaign performance by multiple metrics. When the reported data matches the criteria you have set in the conditions, the rule executes an action: pausing a campaign/one of the campaign elements or redistributing the traffic weight within your campaign.


This feature is available starting from the Pro subscription.

Creating a Rule

1. Go to the list of your Campaigns.

2. Press the Rules option which is accessible in one of the 3 possible ways:

  • via the Rules icon when navigating to the needed Campaign:

  • via the Rules button when marking the needed Campaign:

  • via the Rules button when editing the needed Campaign:

2. Press New->fill in the fields in the pop-up window and press Save and Activate:

Values to be inserted in the above-mentioned fields:

2. Title: give your Rule the name.

3. Rule target: choose from the drop-down list the target rule to be applied:

4. Conditions: choose the needed options from the drop-down list and insert the needed values

5. Perform actions: in this field choose either Email or Webhook from the dropdown and specify your personal data.

6. Multiple executions: turn on this toggle in case you want to allow multiple blocking and notifications for each “Rule target”.


Your Rule’s setting is as follows:

What it means:

If the ROI for your campaign is less than 100% for every 100$ of your ad spend, RedTrack can pause that campaign or send you an email notification to the address you’ve set (in the example it’s

3. As a result you will get the following:

   ✓ When the data matches the criteria you set, the campaign/placement/creative will be paused in your traffic source account and you will not lose the money for non-converting traffic.
   ✓ Every five minutes the rules will analyze the data.
   ✓ Extended integrations also take your cost data from your Traffic Source account so you do not need to worry about cost updates as well.

Take into account:

For non-integrated sources (either a regular template or custom traffic source) only partial campaign optimization is available. RedTrack will not be able to pause anything on the traffic source side but you can still set the rule and when the rule is met, the system will either fire the mail or webhook notification.

Working with Rules: edit, pause, logs

Once the rule is created, you can access it the same way as described in Step 2 of the instruction above, navigate with your mouse to the needed rule, then by pressing on the required icon you can Edit it, check out its Logs, and Pause this rule:

Take into account:
Once the rule is applied and the Campaign has been paused only you can make the Campaign active again by pressing the Start rule icon next to the rule:


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