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Adding your source of traffic (paid/your website)

What is a traffic source in RedTrack?

It’s where you get your traffic from: it can either be a paid source of traffic (Google Ads, Facebook, MGID, Propellerads, etc.)  or your own website with organic traffic. In both cases, it is obligatory to add it to your account.

Adding the traffic source from the template

1. If you are using a paid source of traffic, first check if it is available in the preset templates or even in the integrated to RedTrack.
Go to Traffic sources -> New -> type  the target source in the search bar -> Add

2. Upon adding a template you will see that all the essential tracking parameters are filled in: the postback URL (some of the traffic sources require updating one or two parameters, in that case, you will see “replace me” note in the postback), click and cost parameters (if applicable), additional tracking parameters.

3. Set the currency of your traffic source (by default, it’s the one set under your account settings).

4. If your source of traffic is integrated to RedTrack, you can also add the required information to your traffic source settings and enjoy the extended integration features (available starting from Pro subscription)

Depending on the type of integration, there are several tracking parameters in the template that cannot be changed. Those parameters are greyed and are not available for editing

It’s important to use them under the same subs as is set in the template. Otherwise, the integration will not work.


Adding a personal website with organic traffic

1. If you are working with your own website organic traffic, simply use “Add your traffic source” button: Go to Traffic sources -> New -> “Add your traffic source”

2. For a personal website with organic traffic, you can simply put the name, leave everything else blank and save the changes (since you do not generate any tracking dynamic parameters and do not need to send the postback to your website).

Adding a custom source of traffic

1. In case your source of traffic is not available in the templates, you still can add it to RedTrack.
Go to Traffic sources -> New -> “Add my traffic source”

2. Fill in all the necessary fields:

  • S2S Postback URL: can be obtained from your source of traffic and should contain valid click id macro supported by the Traffic Source. This click id macro should be equal to RedTrack {ref_id}. If you need to send the payout info, use RedTrack {offer_payout} macro. Set the currency used in your traffic source (by default, it’s the one you set in your profile settings).
  • Pixel Postback URL: if your source of traffic supports this type of postback (do not paste the entire script, just the URL part)
  • Click id  (for tracking the clicks from your source of the traffic and to associate them with the conversion data and sending the postbacks back to the traffic source later) and click cost macros
  • Additional tracking parameters: if your source of traffic supports any additional tracking parameters, you can add them to your RedTrack account. Like that, those parameters will be added to your tracking link and all the data your source of traffic sends will be recorded in RedTrack.


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