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The Acquisition report tab is still in the beta-version mode. As we expand functionality, we will add more roles and customization options to the report. Feel free to send your suggestions to

What’s an Acquisition report in RedTrack?

The Acquisition report in RedTrack provides information about where your traffic originates based on RT_roles that you can set up for all your tracking links. The idea behind the report is to have all the data across all Campaigns presented in a familiar layout for advertisers who are used to working with Facebook / Google Analytics reports.

Click here to check out the RedTrack Acquisition report FAQ


Q: What’s the difference between the RedTrack Acquisition report and the Google Analytics Acquisition report / Facebook report?

A: As opposed to similar reports in Google Analytics and Facebook, the RedTrack Acquisition report:

  • shows costs for all ad campaigns, not just Google Ads
  • provides customers with a detailed report on the referral traffic etc.


Q: Do I need to assign roles first to see the whole picture by tabs RT CAMPAIGN/RT GROUP/RT AD?

A: This rule applies only to the clients who’ve already been with RedTrack for a long time now and already added (therefore, utilized) some Traffic sources. For the new clients and old ones who’ve added a particular Traffic source after the Acquisition report feature has been introduced, the roles will be adjusted automatically.


How to work with the Acquisition report?

1. On the main RedTrack menu go to the Acquisition tab:

2. Manage (add/remove) the slices (RT_roles) which you need to see:

3. Manage the Columns with the data you want to see in this report:


4. Choose the Date, needed Offer and press Apply/Refresh:



For more details feel free to check out a brief Acquisition tab overview on YT (from 00:00 – 01:32):


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