Why it is better to use a custom tracking domain?

First of all, custom tracking domains are more attractive both for visitors and search engines.
Another important thing is that using a custom tracking domain instead of a standard tracking domain provided by the tracking tool is more secure as such giants as Google, Facebook or Bing do not accept free tracking domains so your campaigns may be blocked.

Can I use my tracking links on Facebook?

We do not recommend using tracking links with Facebook.
Use no-redirect tracking with a landing page instead.

Do you filter “bots” and other automated “clicks”?

We have an option to safely filter “good” bots (Google and Facebook). Those clicks do not appear in your reports but bots can still check your campaigns.
“Bad” bots cannot be filtered automatically as it’s difficult to identify them and they are changing too fast. So the best option here is to find them with the help of reports (for example, analyse the IP click report-a real visitor will not click on the same ad more than 10 times so most likely it’s a bot) and then block those IPs or UAs.

Will updating the tracking affect previous Facebook Ad engagement?
  • Most Facebook Ads can be updated without the risk of losing social proof, but in some cases, social proof may be reset as a result of updating the URL Parameters of an ad.
    The most common cause of an ad having its social proof and engagement reset is when the ad is a Post Ad that is using content that is not a published post.
    RedTrack.io recommends testing any changes by duplicating the ads. You shouldn’t update any live ads until you are confident that changing the tracking parameters will not affect the engagement on your ad. How to test if social proof will be lost:
    1.Duplicate the ads and confirm that the engagement data is maintained
    2.Add tracking parameters from RedTrack.io to the URL Parameters of the duplicated ad. If social proof will be lost, you will see it in the preview immediately.
The following are our best practices, but we cannot take responsibility for any lost engagement or social proof.